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Sustainability & Ecology

In a landscape that has been shaped over millions of years, we attach great importance to ecological construction, sustainable energy and the avoidance of waste.

If many little people do many little things in many small places, the face of our earth will change.

African proverb

Ecological construction

There are no oaks 20m high here on the farm. The existing trees have a hard time surviving in the barren landscape. Therefore the tree houses are not built into the trees but around the trees. They don't have to bear the burden of the house, but rather benefit from the extra portion of (waste) water.

When it comes to building materials, local products are also used. Natural stones come from the farm, wood from the north of Namibia.
There are no insulation materials or air conditioning.

Ökologische Bauweise

Regenerative energy

Depending on the location, we have 220V or 12V electricity. This is obtained exclusively from solar systems.
The pumps for drinking water production are operated either with wind turbines or with solar power.

Solar Panel

Water sewage

Our wells with solar pumps provide excellent drinking water. The wastewater is cleaned in three-chamber septic tanks.


Glass instead of plastic

Unfortunately there is no deposit system in Namibia. Nevertheless we buy drinks in glass bottles and bring them back to the recycling yard in Windhoek. Other products made of plastic or plastic such as plates, straws, cutlery, etc. we don't use.



Something we don't buy is meat. We only use game meat from the farm. Mostly zebra, oryx, kudu or springbok.
These animals were born free and have never seen a veterinarian, received no antibiotics, never stood in the barn or on an animal transporter in a slaughterhouse.
More "organic" is not possible!!


Products from Namibia

We are not self-sufficient, we also have to go regularly to Windhoek, 180km away, for shopping.

However, we are very careful to buy local products from Namibia as far as possible. Even if many products from South Africa are often cheaper, we do not want to buy products that are not also manufactured and offered here in Namibia.

Lokale Produkte

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