Instead of waiting in the middle of the queue at the buffet, enjoy breakfast in your bed or on your own private sun terrace at the tree house - doesn't that sound "lekker"?
At TreeHouse Namibia you have the choice between several "classic" breakfast packages, which we prepare for you. We are happy to bring your individual breakfast to your tree house, terrace or camp at the time you want. From the classics such as sausage, bread, cheese to fruit, juice, coffee and tea as well as muesli to salmon and sparkling wine - a lot is possible!
And all of this in your "own four walls" with a view of the wide landscape - can the day start better?



On your journey through Namibia you will gain many new impressions - every day brings you closer to a variety of different landscapes and animals.
At TreeHouse Namibia, the evening continues in a varied and individual way: Instead of waiting with other guests at the buffet, use your own braai (grill) and grill the game meat you have brought with you or bought here.

Or you just leave it to us to take care of your physical well-being.
From cold platters with finger food and beer to a candlelight dinner with exquisite fillet and South African wine!
We deliver the delicacies to your tree house, terrace or camp and you can enjoy the evening atmosphere undisturbed.
Can the day end in a more private and romantic way in a breathtaking landscape?